Complementary machine to the press of the ROMETA 2010, 2030, 2050 or 4050 block machines, for the manufacture of concrete pieces.


What is it?
  • Formed by a structure of great resistance, with receiving hopper for colored concrete.
  • Composed of a hydraulically operated feeder, loading hopper, electrical equipment and hydraulic equipment included.
  • The installation includes 4 cylinders with 4 flow regulators for its elevation when the parts pass underneath.
  • All movements are hydraulic (elevation, hopper and feeder box).
  • This equipment contains a counter mold cleaner.
  • Reduces the amount of pigment used for coloring parts and therefore the manufacturing cost.
  • Allows the use of special aggregates only in the surface layer.
  • Gives a different surface appearance while maintaining the mechanical properties in the lower part.


Face-mix installation

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