Color dosing for concrete blocks and pavers


What is it?
  • For the manufacture of high quality concrete products (pavers, Kerbstones, blocks, etc.) COLOR-MIX treats the color dosage for the precast  concrete pieces during the manufacturing process for a better finish.
  • ROMETA offers a type of mixing facilities that are suitable to include all dosage systems for aggregates, additives, cement and concrete with COLOR MIX treatment to give a more natural finish.
  • Color-mix treats the dosage of the color of the precast concrete. A treatment applied after the manufacturing process for a better finish.
  • For the treatment of precast surfaces, we have color dosing systems to achieve the effect of color gradient, a special finish. 
  • The quality of the pieces will largely depend on the proportion and mixing of the aggregates.
Concrete precast pieces

The selection of aggregates is of great importance in order to achieve a good quality of the final products. The goal of the concrete precast manufacturer is to achieve a piece of the desired hardness and with the least amount of cement.

The mixture has to be as homogenous as possible. To achieve this, we have to make a good dosage of aggregates and cement.

The most important thing is the amount of water, as it completely modifies the aggregate, and consequently, also the behavior of the production machine, both in the filling of the mould and in the compression of the piece.

Dosage of the aggregates

The dosage of aggregates can be in two ways:
• By weight: We weight the desired quantity of aggregates.
• By volume: a system much simpler, we regulate the feeding time of each aggregate. 

For a good dosage we will need three hoppers with aggregates of different granumelotry although the minimum advisable are two hoppers.
The variation in the degree of humidity of aggregates can be an inconvenience because the unit weight varies so we must prevent this from happening.

Elements we can produce

    Color-mix installation

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