Drying process of the pieces before packing.


Good curing is the guarantee of better quality and resistance of concrete products. Controlling the humidity and temperature inside the dryer is key to a good drying process.

To master the perfect drying of precast concrete, a thermal and/or water spray system must be provided depending on the product to be dried and the geographical area where the installation is located.

It is important that the curing is done sheltered from the wind and the sun which accelerate the drying process and weaken the concrete pieces. Open dryers or outdoor drying are therefore not recommended.

Process description


Temperature and humidity control during the drying process will be essential to obtain good mechanical properties of the concrete part. We must maintain humidity and heat, but always with natural drying, not forced.

There are different drying methods, the choice of one method or another will depend on several factors (site configuration, climatic conditions, etc.).

Dryers with no structure

If trays with legs are used, especially for the manufacture of pavers, Rometa offers a trolley for transporting a series of boards from the installation to the drying area. This system does not require a drying structure.

Static or mobile dryer

In medium-sized installations that use a forklift to transport the pieces to the dryer, we have two options,  working with fixed or mobile shelves.

  1. The fixed shelves allow us to work at a greater height and reduce the space dedicated to the drying area.
  2. Mobile shelves have the advantage of being able to adapt more easily to the shed.

Rometa supplies galvanized dryers and all complementary equipment according to the client's geographical area.

We can also supply drawings for your local fabrication.

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