How does a Rometa plant work?

The operation of the machine vibrated compressor is based on the vibration and compression. It has a hopper which receives and stores the fresh concrete for the manufacture of parts, then this material is dispensed in the amount needed to fill the mold growing.

We vibrate the plate and the mold while it is filling, and an agitator for easy filling.
Then compress the piece to the exact size, removing all the air between the grains of sand and gravel. To help the compression back to vibrate.
Vibrate with more power when we compress the part when we fill the mold.

It incorporates a frequency inverter to adjust the strength of vibration, regardless of filling and compression

First the elements are:
• Aggregate: Three different aggregates granumelotría.
In the diagram the first step is the storage of aggregates and cement. These elements have to mix in amounts determined for a homogeneous mixture suitable for manufacturing.

The machine vibrocompresora receive blended. In this way the machine can manufacture the parts above the wooden tray, according to the design of the mold.

The wetted parts tray is transported to the drying zone, natural drying, where we have to avoid the sun and wind.
Drying time is normally between 24 hours and 48 hours depending on weather.

The trays dry pieces reach the clip where the pieces are palletized on a pallet. The wooden tray is cleaned, scraped, oiled, and turned to return to the machine. It turned to work one day on the one hand, and the next the other side

Finally the composite pallet is transported to the storage area, far from being transported to the site.

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ROMETA incorporates components from leading brands known worldwide in electrical and hydraulic equipment.

Our company is certified in accordance to standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and our facilities meet the safety requirements of European Directive EEC 2006/42 / C.