A key factor of the first curing is the humidification of the pallets 24 hours prior to the palletizing.

How to make a good curing after palletizing?

For a optimal operation and maintenance of the machinery, one of the main options is to put the blocks in a shed with a roof full of water sprayers, also known as " shower room ".

In this area, the pallets should be during a few days prior to the sun exposure before delivery to our customers to keep them in an ideal environment and ensure good maintenance before taking them out.

Tips for spray treatment:

Another option is to put in the exit of the roller board a water mechanism similar to a shower in line in order to soak the blocks and provide the compact product with the water needed by the concrete for the curing process.

The final goal is to take advantage of the maximum wear resistance capacity that the concrete can provide and avoid a quick drying of the pieces preventing them from cracking or lowering the wear resistance of the blocks.

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