In this section, we detail the reasons why we believe you need a laboratory (forlab) from Rometa in your prefabricated factory, advising you on what and how to do it:

What for?

From Rometa, we believe that in your block factory you should have a laboratory in order to have a quality certification of the blocks you produce. That will help you to assure customers the quality of your products.


  • Making a study of the material and looking for the formula with the mixture that best suits the needs of customers.
  • Making mixes to produce concrete that allows to verify the resistance that can get to bear using FORLAB laboratory equipments.
  • Keep always working or experiment on the formula that improves the quality of your product.

What can we do with FORLAB?

We provide laboratory equipment for sand and gravel testing and for compression and flexion of concrete pieces:

  • Sand and gravel tests.
  • Compression tests: FORLAB C150T: For paving stones and blocks.
  • Flexion tests: FORLAB F250K (Ceiling blocks) y FORLAB F100T (Kerbstones).
  • Concrete large pieces tests: For beams and pipes.

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