Post treatment applied to dry pieces to give an aged appearance.

Building and plot

Building size: approx. 500m2
Outside stock area: approx. 500m2

Power: 20Kw


  • Tumbler is a treatment applied to dry pieces.
  • The goal is to give the pieces an aged look.
  • By means of a rotating cylinder, the pieces are struck against each other obtaining a more natural and aged appearance.
  • Tumbler is a post-drying treatment of the pieces.
  • Rotate and hit the pieces in order to obtain a more natural (aged) look.
  • The quality of the pieces will depend to a great extent on the proportion and the mixing of the aggregates.
  • If we combine the pieces with the Color-mix, the result will be even closer to natural stone.
TUMBLER process in steps
  1. The dry pieces enter the tube (tumbler).
  2. They travel their entire length as they rotate.
  3. Hitting each other breaks the tips and sides slightly.
  4. The goal is to get a more natural and aged look.
  5. If we combine Color-mix with the pieces, the final result will be like that of a natural stone.
  6. The quality of the pieces will depend to a great extent on the proportion and the mixing of the aggregates.



Elements we can produce

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    • The rotation and translation is simultaneous, to reduce the cycle time, achieving reductions between 15 and 20% of the standard finger car.
    • Manufactured aggregates with which you can manufacture slabs, fences and channels of different types and with different techniques for the creation of concrete.
    • The drying of the pieces can become as important as their manufacture, therefore, we believe that it is essential that you have a drying area for the concrete pieces in your factory
    • In this part, we will talk about the importance of humification after drying 24 hours before palletizing.
    • In this part, we offer the reasons why we believe you need a laboratory (forlab) from Rometa in your factory, advising them on what and how to do it
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